Friday, August 5, 2005


Bugaboo Provincial Park, BC
Alpine climbs
July 31 - August 5, 2005

I never composed a trip report for this big climbing trip Kirsten and I went on. In retrospect I don't know why. So I'm writing a brief blurb 6 years later. The Bugaboos were amazing, if but a trifle big and steep for moderate climbers like us. We did the Kane Route on Bugaboo Spire and the easy route on Pigeon Spire, which are probably the easiest two technical routes in the park. We had some shenanigans on Bugaboo: using a hand ledge as a foot ledge resulting in a barrage of cussing from Kirsten, then our rappel rope got stuck. Fortunately a couple of kindly Canadians helped us get the rope unstuck. Pigeon was fun and straightforward. Both climbs offered unimaginably beautiful views, as I think you'll see from the photos:


We sandwiched some climbs in Squamish around the trip to the Bugs -- not exactly on the way, but friends were spending the week up there, so we actually cut our time in the Bugaboos a day short so we would have time to meet them on the way back.

Squamish July 05