Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cave Ridge, WA
January 15, 2006

Cave Ridge

Beck, Pete, Kirsten and I planned to go in and ski the normal route on Snoqualmie Mountain up at Snoqualmie Pass, but slow trail-breaking through the new snow and tricky stream crossings slowed us down significantly. By the time we reached the saddle between Guy Peak and Cave Ridge we were pretty far behind schedule, so we decided just to head up Cave Ridge and see if we could find any skiing. We came across a couple long clearings that gave us a couple hours worth of stellar powder. This was probably the best snow we skied in Washington this year. Shoulda brought the helmet cam!!

Monday, January 2, 2006


Yodelin, WA
January 2, 2006

There was never enough snow last year for Yodelin to be any good, so we were excited to get there this year and ski the sweet tree glades. I had a new helmet cam that my dad gave to me for Christmas that I tried out with a little success.